Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Couple Birthday RAKs

First of all, today was my DD's Regional Spelling Bee--our first one! It was really good practice. She went out in the first round, but they had some really hard words for 1-3 graders! We're very proud of her, none-the-less. Although she wouldn't let me get her picture before or afterwords :( *big sigh*
When we got home from that my hubby tells me I got *HAPPY MAIL*!! :) Heehee--He's learning the lingo, isn't he?! I have a couple to show you actually. This first one is from one of my Texan bloggies, Donna Baker! She's incredibly sweet--I see her comments all over blogland and don't know HOW she's able to keep up with yáll let alone send Birthday RAK's out! :) SO A HUGE THANKS and LOTSA HUGS goes out to Donna. She sent me this cute Hanna card with a bunch of Hanna Images! She also sent me one of her famous "Snail Adhesive Pulls" with beautiful beads on it. WOW--Love it, Love it Donna!

And my other package actually came yesterday, but didn't get time to post it, and it's from my Secret Sister!! Next week is the big Finalé -- the REVEAL! But since it's my birthday soon, she went ahead and sent my package early....THANKS whoever you are!! I absolutely LOVE every single thing you put in my box. We totally have the same taste...can't wait to use these cool brads and decorate this recipe box! There's also a VERY CUTE HEDGIE STAMP--she knows I adore the hedgies! and stickles and...well, you can see from the picture. ;)
And look at this adorable card!! Awwww....sooo cute!! So, I thought I'd throw in a little picture of our little kitty--actually not so little, as she is 12 years old.

(Her name is "Squirrel" because seriously, shortly after we got her, we noticed that when we'd feed her some kind of solid food, she'd sit up on her hind legs with the food held with her front paws and eat it like a squirrel. Funny, but true! Her brother is much darker and has these black triangle, tiger-like stripes, so we named him "Raja" after the tiger in Aladin.)


Diane said...

Well Happy B'day Kristine!!! You sure did get spoiled!!! Doesn't that feel great,Love that cat stamp,its so cute!! And your cat looks so comfy there,you even had
to hold it's head up to take the pic,lol!! They have such a great life don't they!!

All Pink girl said...

Many happy returns Kristine xxxxx
wow what fabulous present you got and gorgeous cards ,Dawnxx

Donna said...

bummer about your daughter's spelling bee (I know how disappointing it can be to lose) glad you liked your goodies (will send you the thing I lost because I found it) soon. Look forward to seeing you stamp the Hannas. What a fun pkg from your ss...your kitty is too precious, love the squirrel story. a cat's life is a charmed one all right. Hope you have a fabulous birthday

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Happy Birthday a little late! Your kittie is adorable and I enjoyed checking out all your cards!

Deb Wood said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! You have one great secret Sis wow, some awesome goodies!! I just loooove this fat cat, he is sooooooo cute!! This card is adorable!!