Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Very Blessed Christmas

Here are my girls with their dolls that our pastor's wife made for them. She is soo sweet to put all that time and effort into these dolls. They are double sided(?) so if you lift the dress over their head, it shows another doll sleeping and has a different colored dress. She made them to match their eye and hair color and just today, they were taking off her clothes and discovered the embroidered stiched heart on the chest that says "Jesus Loves Me". AWwww!!! Not just's also embroidered on the flipside doll's chest too.
Su, if you're reading this, "THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! We feel soo blessed to know you and be in class with you every Wednesday night at Treasure Seekers. Thank you for the joy you brought us this Christmas!! You're really are an angel!"
Here's a picture of both sides of the dolls:
Pretty cool, huh? I can barely sew a straight line--still working on that, but couldn't even dream of making something like this. I envy anyone who can!! :) Thanks for stopping by!


Diane said...

Wow those are so pretty!! That's alot of work,it's so nice of her!!
Pretty girls with pretty dolls!!

Susan (susiestampalot) said...

hey kristine, i really like the effect of the punch outs on the card. i will have to try it! i think i saw something similar in the take ten mag i picked up the other day! funness!!
and those dolls are too cute! i actually have one that my great aunt's neighbor made for me when i was about 8 years old, so that makes the doll, 32 years old or so? it's little red riding hood with the grandma under the dress and then her bonnet lifts on the back of her head to reveal the big bad wolf on the other side! saved it all these years and i have never seen anything else like it! it actually scares my 5 year old nephew! but it's really not scary! tell those girls to hang on to those dolls...what a keepsake!

Jan Hunnicutt said...

I love the dolls and your "dolls" are pretty cute too! They have a gift to cherish for a long time. Thanks for taking the picture too.

Lorie said...

Those are WAY cool! I had the exact same doll as Susan when I was a kid...actually I still have it!