Monday, July 02, 2007

Something New

Have you seen the new blogger feature, "Add a Poll"?? It's over in my column to the right. Just a fun thing. Go ahead and vote if you'd like. :) Hoping to get some stamping done tonight. It's house-cleaning time :( Op...scratch THAT idea...hubby's workin' late tonight so no stamping for me. I've got a sitter coming in morning to watch girls so I can go to work so gotta finish cleaning and dinner and pay the bills...blah,blah,blah!!

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Abra Leah Cross said...

You sound like me! :) I actually got one card done for fun today (that's a's ALMOST done!) and I've got a huge order to finish, laundry to do, and war to wage against the army of Dust Jack Rabbits that are plotting my demise. I better shut off the computer!!!