Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger's *Club*

WOW!! What will they think up next?? I'm soo excited that not only did someone nominate little ol' me with the honor (and coolness) of being a "Rockin' Girl Blogger", but 3 people did: Trina; Gena; and Abra so please go on over to their blogs (as if you don't already, right??!) and check out their awesomly talented creations!!

Okay, now yáll know that you all are "rockin'" in my book, right?!! Suppose to nominate 5 others, and I'm sure many of you have already had this honor, so if you have, then consider yourself honored again--although you don't need to repost it, Lol!! :) So, here goes:

Heather Stevens' blog: A Secret Garden Grows Here

Lorie Ames' blog: Live, Love, Laugh, Create

Irene's blog: Shani's Mom

Jessica Canham's blog: Wild Rose Stamper

Jessica Newton's blog: Suck it up Cupcake

Tracy Harp's blog: Inky Doodles

Jan Hunnicutt's blog: She's Gone Stampin'

1 comment:

Shanismom said...

hi Kristine,

thanks for nominating me, i feel so special... one question, how do i get the Rockin'Girl Blogger banner on my blog? thanks