Friday, July 27, 2007

How I Watercolor...

I've been asked recently how I watercolor my images as my bunnies in recent posts, so I thought I'd tell here how I do mine. First of all, someone mentioned "cakes" or "pencils"...well, I do know what color pencils are, but have never heard of cakes--guess I'm out-of-the-loop on that one! :) I don't use either. I like to start with watercolor paper--helps a bunch!! I use my classic ink pads, by pressing down in the middle with the lid on and then when it's open, I just take my Aqua Painter and pick up the excess ink from the lid and start watercoloring. To get a deep image, I let the first layer dry and then recolor with a darker shade starting at the outside edges and working in so there's spots inside that are "highlighted" or just a little lighter. I added pink cheeks and a little pink elsewhere on them at the end. That's it! Hope that helps. I like to keep it simple!

If watercoloring on Georgia Pacific White c.s., you don't want to do so many layers--it'll bubble and eventually rip from the wetness. It also "bleeds" into other spots or outside your lines on this type of paper as well. That's why I prefer watercolor paper. ;)

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