Wednesday, June 13, 2007

SPAM Commenting

NEWS FLASH!! I haven't been using the "comments moderation" tool lately, but today I have turned it on. I got this message from an "anonymous" source:
"Hey, I recently added a news widget from to my blog. It shows the latest news, and just took a copy and paste to implement. Might interest you too."

It is just a new widget that will put news topics onto your blog. That's fine if you want it, but one message is plenty for them to let me know about it. But this morning, I found 5 or 6 comments on all different cards I've posted with this same message. It's kindof annoying! SO, I believe it to be a computerized "spam" source leaving comments.

HAVE ANY OF YOU GOTTEN THIS?? So, I've decided to once again "moderate" my comments before they are posted. Thanks for understanding.


Kimberly said...

I didn't get that one but i recently got two strange comments. One from someone trying to sell t-shirts to promote your blog. so I to am moderating my comments. Thanks for the heads up!

kathy said...

I haven't had a problem yet. I can't believe they resort to spamming blogs too. where does it stop?I guess I should turn mine back on.

Jan Scholl said...

I have had a problem with multiple posts of the same message but I have moderation on, so I think its because they dont see their message show up right away and repost. My spam in gereral has picked up horribly and lots of bloggers want you to leave your email addy when entering a contest. I won't do that ever.