Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father's Day Vacation

We left on Father's Day to go camping at Suttle Lake, Oregon. It was gorgeous!! We did get a smidge sunburned, (bad mommy, forgetting the sunscreen!) but we had a blast. That night we went to The Boathouse (restaurant) where they had live music the whole day and an outdoor BBQ-in honor of Father's Day.
Right outside our beautiful cabin we enjoyed blue jays and squirrels, and just across from us was a creek where we saw some ducklings with their momma. I think that was the funnest part of the trip for the girls! The water was gorgeous and we had fun wading in the lake. It was a bit too cold to swim and the waves a little heavy to paddle-boat, but we spent most of the day yesterday at the lake.
We tried to take the girls fishing, but Maddy *freaked out!* at some butterflies and threw a huge tantrum, crying and screaming and the whole bit!! Some boy at school told her butterflies are poisonous!! Calming her down was a huge feat. So I took her back to the cabin while dad and Carly went fishing. While we were waiting for them to come back, Maddy wiggled her 2nd front tooth out!! :) It was almost ready anyhow. That's something she'll remember for a looong time...not the lake, not the beautiful cabin, but that she lost her front tooth there!! :) Good memories. Hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day!!


Abra Leah Cross said...

STUNNING photos!!! What kind of camera do you use? :)

You have a beautiful family. Glad you had an eventful weekend! :)

Diane said...

Sounds like you had fun!! Gorgeous place...nature is the best retreat isn't it!!

Jessica said...

It looks like you had a fabulous weekend!

JoAnn said...

That cabin is gorgeous! The cabin and your photos by the lake remind me of a vacation we took to northern Minnesota a few year ago.