Sunday, April 29, 2007

Whipper Snapper Swap2

I redid my swap with the correct vendor--pfft :) Funny...maybe, but fortunately this is my first card made with this adorable toothfairy stamp, and I really love how they came out.

I went with the Divine Swirls background (Cuttlebug folder) 'cause it kinda shows movement, like the fairy waving her wand. ( that cheesy? Lol!) I also added Dazzling Diamonds to her Tooth wand. Most of her was watercolored. The tag says "sweet", although I was very tempted to put "You're tho thweet" because that's kinda how you talk when you're missing your font teeth!! :) My hubby had all kinds of things to put on that little are some more:

The GAP (ya know...the store *wink*)
Hey there, toothless!
Congrats on the loss of your baby! (get it? your baby tooth!)

OOOhhhh...ya, I KNOW, that one was baaaad!! :) I thought just plain "sweet" could mean that the person you're giving it to is sweet, or could imply a sweet "tooth". OK...nuff splainin' :) It's late...hittin' the sack. Have a great week!!


Michele said...

Your cards are fantastic! Love all the coloring and added details! just "found" you through a comment you left on kimmy's blog *Crafty ME*

Shanismom said...

these are so cute.

Charmaine (CharmWarm) said...

Oh my goodness, SO CUTE!

Tracy.H said...

Very cute! Don't you just love it when hubby has to get his 2 cents worth in too ;0)

Abra Leah Cross said...

That is an ADORABLE card!