Monday, April 09, 2007

A Great Weekend

First of all, does anybody know WHY every time I add spaces between paragraphs, as soon as I publish it, it takes all the blank lines away?? If you do, please let me know! :o)
Did you all have a great weekend? We sure did!! On Saturday, the girls went to a special Easter Hour at the church where they had the story, a craft, and a snack, and then went outside for an egg hunt! For the craft, they made necklaces with wooden cross and colored salvational beads: Black is for our sin, Red is for the blood Jesus shed, White is for cleansing our sins white as snow, Blue is for the baptism and gift of the holy spirit, Green is for reading the Bible and growing in Christ, and Yellow are for the streets of gold when we get to heaven.
I remember as a little girl, my mom would sew my sister and I new dresses every year for Easter Sunday...every year! I don't happen to sew...although I HAVE before, but it takes me forever, and I can't really sew a straight line, LoL!! Anyway, I guess I waited too long to start looking for dresses for the girls, and it takes an hour to get to any real stores with clothing, and I didn't get to go. So, my girls wore their same dresses as last year, which was totally fine with them both, surprisingly :o)
We enjoyed a really good worship service Sunday at church. It was ALIVE and fun and meaningful!! The children were involved in the singing and bringing the lillies in. The choir sang beautifully and we enjoyed watching the Note-a-bells (bell choir) play "He Is Risen". At the end of the sermon, all the children went up front and sang "Shout to the Lord" and did sign language to it. It filled my heart with joy...Just an amazing feeling.
This was my first year for making Easter dinner. My parents came over...usually we go to their place or to my in-laws, since they only live 15 miles away! So, I was a little nervous trying to rush and get everything ready, but it turned out great!! My husband tried a new mashed potato recipe he found in a magazine and they were amazing!! The only thing I forgot to do was make the deviled eggs with the eggs that the girls dyed the day before! It was a good day. I feel renewed, refreshed...a sense of wanting to live life to the fullest!
At dinner tonight, we asked the girls about school, and I'm shocked to hear how much my first grader learned today about Forestry!! She told us all about wrapping a choker and how to insert a wedge into the tree when cutting it down, and they actually used a GPS to go and find where something was "buried" outside (turned out to be a can full of Jolly Ranchers)...I asked her what a GPS was, and she told me about the compass and how it worked. WOW!! Everything she said was full of excitement in her was great listening to her. My husband has a GPS and is still trying to figure out how it works!! He said she's going to have to teach him how to use it and you should've seen the HUGE grin on her face!! :o) Kids are soo great!! Well, I just wanted to share. Hope you all had a great week.


Shanismom said...

I'm glad that you and your family had lots of fun.
For us, my daughter was sick so we just stayed in the house but she's feeling much better now.

kathy said...

I am glad you got to spend somke quality time with your family, its so important to do that. Isnt it amazing how smart kids are today. I am off to check out your reverse masking. keep up the good work,I need the

Katie Skiff said...

I have heard of that GPS tracking things...I think it's called Geo Caching...I could be wrong. But supposedly there is a place where you can find coordinates or something and people have hidden them all over. It's a major thing I guess....according to my uncle. We live in small town America and wouldn't need GPS for anything!! LOL..

Isn't is amazing what they learn in first grade!!

sentimentsbydenise said...

Thanks for posting about your sister's Tea company. I am a HUGE tea fan (green is my fav!), so I will definitely be checking this out! Thanks so much!