Monday, April 23, 2007

Beauty of Nature

Didn't make a card today, but I did capture these deer in our front yard! The fence you see is our huge dog pen. There were about 5 deer grazing right next to the dog when I came home from work today. The weather is gorgeous...right around 70 degrees!! We use to have a small herd of about 8 (including 3 babies) gather on our property year round before we got our dog, but haven't seen them the past couple years. The funny thing is that our dog wasn't barking and they didn't seem intimidated at all by her or my car driving in.

I wish I could've gotten a picture of the 3 cows that came up to our fence to check out the bunny we had in the back yard. We have a little bunny playpen with a red tarp thingy covering so other animals don't get the bunnies. It was right next to the fence and all of a sudden 3 of the cows came up and just stared at her for about 15 minutes (my camera batteries ran out!) It was soo funny how curious they are!! Here's a picture of our 2 1/2 year old Sharpei/Shepherd mix named "Ginger".

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