Saturday, March 24, 2007

Inspired Polka-Dot Frame

If you haven't seen Terry's (TERRORE3) CUTE card, you've got to click this link!! I just thought it was so fabulous, so I used the same basic idea, but I changed up the flowers a bit, and the colors, and of course I omitted the saying and used my own. I also decided to make a "frame" or cut-out window that goes all the way through to the inside of the card. This was just a little more challenging than I thought, but my nifty CM cutters came in handy for this!
(WARNING: this post is long, as I attempt to describe in detail my instructions for this. If you don't care to make one, please just scroll past it, lol!! REALLY! :0)
As you can see from the picture below, I cut out large square pieces from the black and green layers since they won't show anyhow, and it cuts back on the bulk too (postman will like that!) Let me see if I can go back in my mind to explain how I did this, LOL!! I came across this idea by a mistake I made. Well, if you can call it that?! I wanted to stamp the round saying stamp, cut it out in a circle and then layer it onto my GIGA Scallop circle punched piece, but there was way too much room around the saying and the scallops. SO...I cut a circle a little larger than the saying out of coral, and then took my piece of c.s. that had a hole in it, and used scalloped scissors and went around the outside to make a little "frame". If you don't know how Creative Memories Cutters work, there are 3 sizes of blades with each circle template (and actually there's an inner track and an outer track, so you can get 6 sizes with one template!) So then I centered (or tried! lol) the template circle on my white stamped rectangle piece and cut a slightly larger circle than my coral scallop piece. ARE YOU WITH ME??? Then, I taped my coral piece over the hole in my white piece. THEN, I layered my stamped piece on a black sheet of c.s. and trimmed the black slightly larger than the white. Did the same thing with the green. Then, I cut out a large rectangle out of the middle of bl. and grn. layers -- mainly this was so I didn't have to be exact with the circle cutting, and also, I'm running out of Celery c.s. and it saves paper! Then before I taped the black and green layers, I centered my white stamped piece on top of my Apricot card and held it there while I hovered my circle template over my white c.s. where I cut the circle out. Then I layed and held the template on my apricot c.s. while gently removing the stamped white piece from under it, trying not to move my cutting template. Then I used the same size blade to cut my circle out of the apricot layer. Next, I taped a piece of white c.s. to the inside of the card, and then I cut a same size circle as front stamped piece out of plain thin typing paper and layed the piece with a hole in it over the front of my apricot front and then stamped my circle stamp through to the inside white piece. Last of all, just taped all my layers onto the card front and Ta-da!! OK...that was a looooong sorry!


Allison said...

Cute card...neat idea and technique!

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i love the card and the color combo.