Saturday, March 17, 2007

Butterfly Beauty #1

These pictures of my girls were taken at Walmart a few years ago. They had these butterfly wings and "halo"s and they made such cute butterflies! My scanner is only 8x10" so I couldn't scan them, but I took pictures with my digital and so you can't see that the background is stamped with the "Daisies and Swirls" background stamp (? can't remember the exact name of it). I also stamped their name and then added descriptive words to either side; however it made sense. Some words describing Carly include: conservative, creative, cute, artsy, always ready to shop!, good listener, likeable, lovable, busy, silly, young lady.

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Cindy Lou Who said...

Kristine! I just found your blog =) Thanks for the Blogger RAK! I loved it. I have been peeking around and admiring the awesome photos you take! Great pages! Keep up the good work! (((hugs)))