Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Wonderful Cross

This is dedicated to my good blogger friend, Susie Liles. She sent this beautiful cross card (see post below) this weekend and it inspired me to post this video of the SONG titled "Wonderful Cross" by Michael W. Smith with footage from the movie "The Passion of the Christ" and "The Creation Movie". It's fitting any time of year, but especially as Resurrection Sunday draws near. You will be moved, trust me!


Peggy Maier said...

I knew I shouldn't have watched that - cried all the way thru it! What wonderful grace & mercy - that Jesus died to pay for our sins & free us from the debt we couldn't pay!!!

Kristine said...

I KNOW!! I cried's overwhelming just to think about what He went through for us.

Susan (susiestampalot) said...

aaaawwwww!! for me???? thanks, kristine!! i am so glad you liked the card. it was totally meant for you to have! now i am on a mission to find this song included in a great cd!! no such luck so far!