Friday, February 16, 2007

My First BRAK!!

Yup! I had a birthday...just b4 Valentine's Day! And an amazingly talented lady on SCS (Mothermark) sent me my first *ever* BRAK (birthday random act of kindness)!!
Too Happy 1 *happy dance* She purposely sent it to me late, NOW I know WHY!! hehe. This is sooo adorable...THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Mothermark!!
BTW...I had a pretty good birthday! My youngest dd was home with a fever, but my husband insisted we give her motrin and go out to dinner, so we did. She was pretty much better by was her 3rd day of running that high fever, so. Anyway, THANKS again to all those who sent me PM's on SCS with a BRAK!! That was nice of you to think of me. And I don't care if this WAS late, it's the cutest card...I just love it!!


Barb said...

How fun! Lucky for you and Happy Birthday!!! (no prob on linking my blog! I'm flattered!)

Gina Wrona said...

I just love it, the back end of a cow! How awesome is that?