Wednesday, February 14, 2007

*Candybar Sliders* / Hubby's V-Day Card

Well...our family enjoyed a very nice Valentine's Day (I hope you did as well!) For those of you blog stalkers out there, this post will look very familiar, as I know several others created these candybar wrappers as well, but none-the-less, I wanted to post for my other "crafty-challenged" friends and family who just like to look at what I've been up to :0)

A couple of days ago I posted the illuminating votive wraps for special occassions, but they were pretty girlie, and I didn't know what to get my dd's male teacher at school... that is until I came across Kendra's post about these candybar sliders! The best part was that I HAD the Loves Me designer paper that she used and so I knew I just had to make some as well. THESE ARE SOOO EASY TO MAKE!! And fun too :0) You will find an awesome tutorial at {Kristina Werner's site here.}

(don't scroll down yet!!)

Okay...this is too funny, but sweet! My husband sat down last night and made me a Valentine's Card this year!! He kept coming in my office asking me for certain punches, and some I didn't even have, so this didn't quite come out the way he intended, but I know it's "the thought that counts!" right? I'll tell you what I first thought when I saw it after I show it to you...then we'll see if YOU were thinking the same thing ;0)

Does this remind you of an alien?? ROTFL (ROTFL)

He did a really good job with the colors and flowers, and he even punched holes and ran white c.s. thru the sides! AND do you see the brad in the "nose"?? Well, you turn the purple heart clockwise (following the arrows) and He wrote words in the oval punched out piece all the way around. It says, "Be Mine"; "I Love You"; "Happy Valentine's Day".
Be Mine Teddy 1Isn't he the best?!!


shelley davis said...

Hi Kristine,
Most of us woman think our husbands are craft challenged. I think your is very talented. You may be able to convince him to get into stamping.
The candybar sliders are great.
I have to tell you, even though I told you before how much I love the new look of your blog, I really do love it.

Peggy Maier said...

Wow! What a guy! That takes real talent - very detailed card. Just think... this time next year he'll have his own stamping blog!

Kristine said...

Thanks so much Shelley! I was going for a softer look...the stark white was getting old. :) It's nice to know others like it as well.
Peggy...I KNOW! But I don't think he'll ever have a blog. He's really not into stamping...he just wanted to create something special. In fact, he would claim to be a "manly man...hunter/fisherman" type. But, he is supportive of mine :) thanks!

~pl said...

Oh my what a cute card - is the sweetest that he made this for you! That would make me so happy if my bf made me a card... it comes from the heart..... And yes, it does kinda look like an alien :) So clever and cute!

I think I will try the candy slider - a late Vday gift for a friend.... I bought some extra Swiss chocolate bars for a dear friend.

Kendra Giles said...

aww how sweet that he made you a card! I got zilch lol Don't you just love those candy bar sliders? they are so fast and easy and that winter mini paper is just fab with them :)