Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Evil Number 10

I don't know the average life span of kitchen appliances, but according to our calculations, I would have to say about 10 yrs.!! A couple days ago my toaster oven went kaput! We got it as a wedding gift 10 yrs. ago, which granted, warrants getting a new one!! Then today, my oven went kaput! (it's only slightly older than 10 yrs.) I turned it on to bake some rolls and when I opened it to put the them in, it was cold and dead. What the heckles? SO, I had my husband check it out, and the bottom heating element had broken completely in half! So, I sent him to town to get another one. Sears carried about 20 different ones, and NONE of them were the right size!! He checked the Hardware store, and they didn't have the right one. SO...we're going to order one, which who knows how long that'll take to get. It's really not an expensive piece to get, but what'll I do without my oven? Good thing we got a toaster oven 2 days ago! Then there's my dishwasher (and I'm not talking about my daughter/s)!!! The top spinner/sprayer dealy doesn't work. So, after every cleaning, we have white soapy residue on tops of everything on the top rack!! It's also just over 10 yrs. old! I'm convinced 10 is an evil number, hehehe JK. On a positive note, our refrigerator is working splendidly!! We got a nice new one about 3 or 4 yrs. ago to replace the other one we had for about 8 yrs. and he got it used, so it had a loong life and GOOD RIDENCE!! I love my frig. :o)
On another note: Are you all staying healthy?? Last week was weird...Carly had a fever of 104!! It lasted about 2 days, but she didn't have any other symptoms, except really tired, and wanted to sleep all day. No headache, tummyache, cold symptoms. I'm very thankful the rest of us didn't get it. We were suppose to go visit some friends this weekend and have lunch, but now 2 people in her family have the same thing! Hmmm. Well, take your vitamins and drink lots of water this winter. :o)


Jan Scholl said...

I am so lucky with appliances- My first vcr lasted 17 years, and I still have a working Beta one too. Over the stove microwave lasted 25 years before it got wierd, stove was still wroking as was dishwasher for 30+ but I hated the chocolate color after that long, so gave them away. Fridge died on hottest day of the year after 22 years, and the new one sucks from day on-freezes everything NOT in the freezer. Large screen tv-which cost way too much way back-still worked after 18 years when I donated it.Kirby vacumm-30+ years, still works. NO repairs on any either. NOw hubby's palm pilot-first one lasted for 8 years-the has gone thru three in less than 3 years since.

BTW-My mom has a working roller washer from Maytag-from 1957!

Katie Skiff said...

Yukkies are going around.

We have a hole where the dishwasher needs to go. Then the decanter on the coffe maker broke last week. Tonight I tried to make popcorn and the microwave is dead. Maybe applainces are going on strike worldwide!! LOL

Stamp4hobby said...

I know you posted this several days ago but has parts for EVERYTHING at very reasonable prices and they show you how to fix everything. We have ordered from them many times and been able to save a ton of $ being able to fix our appliances ourselves. JM2C :)

*Love your cards on SCS!