Saturday, January 20, 2007

Caught the Cuttle*bug*

Yup, I did! I thought I'd take a minute from creating blog headers, to tell you about my new toy!! I think this machine is soo awesome, and the price that I could afford. I wanted to be able to emboss with their awesome folders...they do a whole card size at once!! I haven't bought any of their cutting dies {YET} but I did order several emboss folders, which are all backordered, except for the flower dots one that came with my machine. See below :o)
(AND NOW! I just saw on Amy's site this link that shows how you can use the folders {which you can purchase for under $5} with a rolling pin!! You don't even HAVE to buy the cb for embossing...but, I just LOVE mine though, and the rolling pin will not work with the cutting dies.)

*Neat* or Messy!
This was my first card made with the cuttlebug. I thought it would be neat to add some color to make all the flowers pop! Well...I can't decide if I just made a big mess, or if it's a neat affect?? What do YOU think? Maybe I need just a little more practice, huh? You can be honest with me LOL! :o)
EDITED: Someone asked what ink I used for this...I just used my classic dye ink. I got the idea from Amy R. with her heart card {view's the second card on this post} and hers looks Waaaaay better than mine. But she used liquid chalks ink pad (??? whatever those are!! I've never used those...I just have claasic dye, craft ink and SU! Pastels--chalky chalks)


Susan (susiestampalot) said...

what i want to know is how come your cuttlebug came with an embossing folder and mine didn't, missy? i think the card is cute, myself! i wish i had that kangaroo!

Katie Skiff said...

I think that is a cute card. Did you chalk the bkgrnd or ink it? Just wondering. It looks nice.