Sunday, December 30, 2007

You're FIN-tastic!

Featured Stamper #47

Our featured stamper for today was Danielle Lounds. The challenge is to browse her card gallery and recreate something, changing at least 2 things. HERE is her card I chose to inspire "fin-tastic". Isn't it a pretty card? Better than mine, I must say. I loved her choice of colors and patterned paper. I changed the stamp set and paper for a Valentine's Day feel (or birthday). Oh! And I also used Wiggly Eyes! But I still like hers waay better. ;)

STAMPS: Toucan of My Love
PAPER: Taken with Teal; Pretty in Pink; and ? Patterned Paper (all SU!)

Friday, December 28, 2007

Snow Much Fun!

I love Penny Black Inc's Hedgie line of stamps. We don't have any snow right now here, but with the wind chill yesterday it felt as though we had a couple feet of it! So, I'll just enjoy making snowmen with my stamps :)

The colors here are Wild Wasabi, Cameo Coral, and Chocolate Chip. I'm sure that must have been a color challenge at one time, but I just made up a card with what I had on my desk and I think they look pretty good together. I watercolored this image, and not sure if you can see it or not, but I colored the sky with Bashful Blue first, let it dry, then swiped some green strokes over it. It shows up better in real life. I don't have that puffy white appliqué stuff, so I like to use Dazzling Diamonds on the snow and his hat.

SOMETHING NEW: I tried something new with the border of the coral. First I cut a wavy edge, then I used a flower punch all around. I didn't like the green showing through, so I taped the coral onto a piece of white and trimmed close to the coral edge. Now it pops--maybe a little too much?? Not sure this is the look I was going for, but I don't have any designer paper that matches and this was my last piece of coral, so what can you do? lol.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Very Blessed Christmas

Here are my girls with their dolls that our pastor's wife made for them. She is soo sweet to put all that time and effort into these dolls. They are double sided(?) so if you lift the dress over their head, it shows another doll sleeping and has a different colored dress. She made them to match their eye and hair color and just today, they were taking off her clothes and discovered the embroidered stiched heart on the chest that says "Jesus Loves Me". AWwww!!! Not just's also embroidered on the flipside doll's chest too.
Su, if you're reading this, "THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! We feel soo blessed to know you and be in class with you every Wednesday night at Treasure Seekers. Thank you for the joy you brought us this Christmas!! You're really are an angel!"
Here's a picture of both sides of the dolls:
Pretty cool, huh? I can barely sew a straight line--still working on that, but couldn't even dream of making something like this. I envy anyone who can!! :) Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Catching Snowflakes

This cute little sketch is for SC156.

This little guy is a Penny Black hedgie called "Garden Gossip"and originally has a ladybug on his toes, but I thought it'd be cute to add a snowflake in keeping with the current season. Honestly, I had no idea what sentiment to use for him--but I do use birthday cards up pretty fast, so I chose the word 'sparkle' and added Dazzling Diamonds on his circle with 2-way glue. Inside I'll put something like "Here's hoping you have a sparkling day!" The paper and punches are SU!, and the circle cutters are Creative Memories.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: This card really cheered me up today just making it. I'm still sick and got no sleep last night. I tried to go in to work, but boss told me to take another day off. I'm so sick of being sick!! I finally took a sleeping aid and slept most of the afternoon until my mom brought my girls back home. The girls got one of those hair braiding machines that comes with the beads--any of you have those?? So we played with that for a while. My dd with the long hair has such thin hair that it kept coming out as it was spinning. I must have tried 6 times and got bigger and bigger chunks--finally got one to stay! OH YES... got to tell you about the "High School Musical" playstation singalong!! We can't seem to get enough of that around here the last couple days. The girls can actually sing duets with it, and I gotta say--yes, it can get annoying at times--especially being sick and all, but I'd much rather have them singing with that then with the American Idol karoke (which has songs not suitable for young children). Am I not the only mom who could really use a Mother's Day (off) right about now?? lol.

Well, Tomorrow's another day--Another opportunity to make a difference in the world...good or bad--my attitude will tell. 'Nite!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas RAK's

Awww...this first card came from my blogging friend, Trina McKercher from Canada. She's is so sweet and she knows I just Heart Beat the hedgies!! Thanks so much Trina--you really made my day today!!
And this second one also came today, and is from Allison Fillo, also from Canada! Fluffles is just too cute!! Also one of my faves. Really put a smile on my face and lifted my spirits today. Thanks so much ladies!!



Beaded Ornaments #3

Here are the 2 ornaments that I made today for my mom and mother-in-law--yup, on Christmas Eve day. I should've gotten these done weeks ago, but have been terribly busy and then this week I'm sick, but I just can't tell them on Christmas day that their gift is coming, so!!

(You can click the pics to see more detail)

I had my girls help string the beads and then I glued them on. They are actually put on with straight pins, but you have to dip the end of every pin into glue first so they don't come out! I will never wait til the day before to start this kind of project ever again! It's not fun having the flu & whipping 2 of these babies out. Pretty much took us all day. But, they are made with love, so I really shouldn't be complaining, huh?
Circle Of Hearts
I do realize that I need to take some photography courses one of these days, LoL!! Just can't seem to get a good shot so matter what--especially in the evening. They are much prettier IRL.

At least I don't have to worry about them seeing them b4 I give them cause neither of them have the internet. (although I sure WISH that they did!). Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Christmas Video for You!

This link is really good to help you get in the mood for CHRISTmas!! {The First Christmas Gift}

Snowflake Trio

This is for Sketch Challenge 155 on SCS. I cuttlebugged the white card base with the snowflake emboss folder...and I gotta say, I love the texture it gives to any card! I went with simple for this one.
Snow Flake 3I stamped the front flakes with silver encore ink and the back flakes with craft white ink. The paper is from SU!'s holiday designer pack from last year. Can't believe I'm saying it, but I still have most of the pack!! I know I kinda border on the "hoarder" side when it comes to SU!'s paper--I just HAVE to HAVE it and then it sits there cause I have too much other stuff that it gets overwhelming to pick something!

SadAnyways, don't look at the bulging paper at the bottom--I had to peel it off not once, but twice and even after adding more tape, I must've missed a spot

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A New Look

I'm going out on a limb here (once again) and trying a new look with my blog template. Not really any reason behind it except for the fact that I just LOVE CHANGE!! Ok, the real reason? I get bored too easily--probably not a good thing! Anyway, I'm not sure I'll keep the white background--you all KNOW I love color...well, if you've been following my blog for very long anyways! :) I don't always get much time to write long posts these days, but I really like the idea of a "café" they are very cozy-especially when accompanied by a good friend! So, how did I come up with "Café Ink"? Well, I felt like I should keep part of the title the same so you'd recognize it's still ME! But, the other part of it came from the tatoo shows called "Miami Ink" and L.A. "Ink". I'm not saying I'm "into" tatoos or anything, but I do have to say that they are very artistic!! And so..."CAFÉ INK" it is! :) I've just gotta say, Heather P. is the CLEVEREST gal of them all with her title "{Witty Title Here}"--yup, THAT IS her title! :)

Well, I think I'm over the flu now, but I have this lingering cold and cough. We had a party today (just our family) for my hubby's birthday. It's actually not until Christmas day, but we think it's nice to celebrate it beforehand. The girls were very busy making something special for him. We ordered a cake with a fisherman on it and the girls made this fisherman on a cardboard pole with fish dangling and even a birdie on his head!! :) SO funny. Here's a pic:

They even made party hats that we all had to wear, but what really took a lot of time was that green sign back there. They cut out all the letters to spell "we wish you a happy birthday" and added glue and glitter to all of them and started stringing them on curly string by punching holes in 2 sides of each letter. it was taking forever and they got glue all over my kitchen floor and pink stains from the color of construction paper is still there! Oh, what we do for our kids! Thank goodness for Solumel!! It's a natural cleaner made by Melaleuca and it really works on just about everything! Well, it was a pretty good day.
OH YA...I was going to tell you yesterday my boss stopped by with this HUGE fruit basket and Christmas card--AWE...that was sooo sweet. I was sick with a fever and that just really made my day. Then later in evening our neighbor lady brought us some goodies she made. Oh yes, those holiday pounds are non-avoidable and I'm just waiting til after Christmas to get my treadmill back in the house!!
Can anyone help me get my right column codes back?? When I changed my template I didn't save my original and don't remember how to add my email address link and how to link pictures to websites (as an html code in my column--not in a post). ?? Can anyone help??
Also, I don't know WHY some of my lines are single spaced and some are 1.5 or 2xs??

Friday, December 21, 2007

Anniversary Card for Hubby

I'm sure you've all seen Kelly Sampson's male/female cards by now; if not, then {click here}. Today is my 11th Anniversary and so I thought I'd try one of these cute cards. My first didn't turn out so well--used a circle cutter on the sides. SO, I found Kelly's template and printed that out...WHEW! You're a lifesaver Kelly! :) Here's a shot of the BACK SIDE of card.

Unfortunately, I have the flu! Last night I had a fever of 103! So, our plans to go out for dinner etc. are postponed :( My parents came and got the girls though and took them out to dinner with my brother's family and then they went to stay the night at grandma's and grandpa's house. I just had a nice surprise -but I'll have to tell ya about it later. Gotta run. Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 17, 2007

More Glass Ornaments

I took the day off today so I could go to town and do my Christmas shopping. I've been swamped for the last 2 weeks straight! I got it all done and wrapped before everyone else got home, so I'm feeling pretty good today! I even had time to make 3 more ornaments. Tomorrow morning I am teaching how to make these to 20 third graders! (my dd's class) Her teacher bought enough glass ornaments at the dollar tree for all the students. Here is a link to Juliann's picture tutorial in case you'd like instructions :)

This little snowman is not a stamp actually. For her class, I found a bunch of Christmasy coloring pages and shrunk them down on a copy machine (at work) to get them just the right size. Then I cut each picture out and taped them onto my master page that has 6 traced ornaments on it, and then ran the transparencies through. I have about 16 different designs and ran about 3 of each so the kids have plenty to choose from! :) My sister found the Glitterex white glitter at Michael's for me, and that's what's in the bottom of the ornaments (use a funnel to pour it in).

In my second picture, I stamped my zebra (Cape Arago) onto a piece of white typing paper and shrunk it down to fit onto my traced ornament as well. I made this one for my pastor's/boss' wife who loves zebras. See this post. For the zebra, I stamped him in Black Stazon and then on the back side, I used my Signo white gel pen for the lines. You can't see that with the white background here, but the white really stands out on these transparencies!

And, last but not least, my horse ornament is for my neighbor who let my girls ride her horses for her 9th birthday last month! Very sweet lady, See this post. This horse is from SU!'s set called, "Bareback".

I went to town today and found a ton of colors in the permanent markers for these. I might as well make good use of them right? So I've decided to let my Treasure Seekers girls make these Wednesday night as well.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fancy Collector Ornament

I started making a collection of these "Collector Ornaments" for my mom and MIL a couple years ago, but the first one I've made this year is going to a ladies Christmas party at our church tonight. It's really hard to see all the detail in this photo, but it has turquoise and purple beads along with gold and white all over it. It's really very beautiful IRL. CLICK THE PHOTOS TO SEE THEM LARGER (if you want) :)

I know--this kinda looks like a prickly sea creature or something, doesn't it? :) These are soo fun to make and I usually finish one in about 3-4 hours, however not all in one sitting. Usually I take 2-3 days to do it. Here's a pic of the underside.

I've made 4 different ones for each of my mom and MIL so far, and I have a bright pink one and a seafoam green/pink one to do for them for Christmas this year. I only hope that when my girls get older and take all their own ornaments (that we've boughten them each year) away with them that they make some of THESE for my tree--some day! My girls also love crafts, but they're too young for this detailed of a craft. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Birdhouse Greetings

My sister sent us this for her Christmas card this year. Isn't it beautiful?? It's very sparkly-with thick white glitter as well as silver glitter on the birds and brown glitter on pinecones. It's much prettier in real life.

My husband and girls made a reindeer out of wood and metal poles and wrapped lights around it. They found a red light cover in the shop too so now we have Rudolph in our yard! :) Here's a picture: (Kinda hard to see the red nose with all the colored lights in the background.)

And here's our cute little frosty by our front door:

Saturday, December 08, 2007

The True Meaning of Christmas...

Awww...this is soo good. Enjoy!! EDITED: I removed the embedded YouTube clip because of all the "not so nice" pictures it showed when the clip was done, so here's a link to the really touching video:

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Busy Little Mice

Aren't these mice cute? This is another borrowed stamp. I seem to have a hard time with these large images though as far as layering them etc. This is actually on a large size card, 6.25"x 4.5".

The main image is watercolored with Cool Caribbean, Celery; Creamy Caramel; Really Rust; Close to Cocoa; Grey; Pretty in Pink; So Saffron; Blush Blossom.

The background layer is cuttlebugged with the snowflakes folder, which on a regular-sized card would not have shown. The black flower is SU!'s scallop punch, and the saying on it is from the set, "Riveting" (a hostess set.) Thanks for looking, and THANKS KAY for letting me borrow these cute little guys :)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I Joined the Sisterhood!!

Sisterhood 4 of the Blogging Stampers:

I joined the Sisterhood of the blogging Stampers! If you're wondering what this is all about, there's a blog set up just for this {see here}. It explains what it is, and how it got started and it also lists all the groups so far and opens it up for you to sign up for a group! It's basically a support group for stampers who blog and wish they had someone to leave them comments and to make connections with. They just ask for each of us to make at least one new post on our own blogs per week if possible to keep it fresh and new for our new "Blog Sistas" :)

We also were asked to jot a little something about ourselves for our sisters to get to know us better, so here goes...

ABOUT ME: I am 35, a wife of 11 years, and have 2 daughters (as you can see in my banner.) We live in the Pacific NW. I was a Stampin' Up! demonstrator for 3 years, as of 2 years ago I've only been a hobby stamper. My favorite stamps include Hedge Hogs and just about anything of Whipper Snapper! I've been blogging for just over a year and have met some wonderful stamper friends out there. Hope to get better acquainted with YOU as well.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

House Mouse Christmas

Borrowed a few House Mouse stamps from a friend. This is my first one. It doesn't have the name of the stamp on this one.

I love the cute little birdies. The polka dot paper is from SU!'s double sided papers. I also used Night of Navy; Hunter; & Saffron.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Made Ornaments!

Ok...these are so fun to make, however I need more practice!! I WISH I could find an exact size template for these. My inner transparency is not right and took me a few times to get this. I also should stamp my images up higher. But, nevertheless, they are very fun to make.

I found these glass ornaments in packs of 3 at the dollar tree store!! Couldn't believe it...after I had seen this post on Pixie Shire I thought they are soo cute, but Michael's is an hour one-way and it's icy out, so maybe next year. Then...whadda you know? Dollar store of all places! WOOHOO!! :)
Juliann has a great tutorial at the link above, so make sure and check that out. The 'ornament' inside this ornament has 2-way glue with Dazzling Diamonds on it. I had red and green permanent pens, and white (gotta love the white!) I couldn't find big white glitter at the dollar store (for inside the ball)...only green, red, silver and gold. I think I'd like these much better with the white!! Oh well. Cute enough and for under 50 cents a piece--it's cute!

(Sorry the picture is blurry--it's hard to hold it with one hand and shoot the camera perfectly still with the other!)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Li'l Whipper Snapper!

Dontcha just love Whipper Snapper Designs?? I DO!! Their images are just so adorable. Well, this blue polka-dotted background is from my Mat Stacks and the dots are dry-embossed so they are raised up! :) The yellow flowers I got in a blog candy package and I finally am getting around to using them. Matching perfectly with his raincoat, don't ya think?

I added Crystal Effects to his hat and raincoat, but I didn't let the watercolor paper dry first, so my colors kinda smeared on his hat. Here's a close-up of his shiny coat--click on it to enlarge. Hope you have a great week!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Chuuuu Chuuuu...

Couldn't resist making this with my cuttlebug dies (monkey) and, again, the glitter mat stacks (background). The puffs of smoke have glitter on them--hard to see that here. Yes, I was a little "brad-happy" today, lol. They go well with the whole circle theme and wheels on the train. I also made a "doughnut" in the bottom lefthand corner with my circle punches and the set "Riveting" (SU!)
I know there's instructions on SCS for this doughnut, but not sure where right now. You can click on the link in my column and type it in the "search" field.

Here's a picture of the inside of card:

Friday, November 23, 2007

Custom Make Your Own Stamps!

Don'tcha just love the clear stamps? Now you can make your own at home. Here's a Webisode on how to do it: Stamp Your Art Out!!

I have not personally done this yet...I just thought I'd share for those of you who'd like to try it! Let me know if you DO!! I'd love to see how it turns out :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas STAR

So, I saw this awesome Christmas Star over at Kristy Scraps and just HAD to try it out. You kinda need to use double-sided paper I think, so I grabbed what little I had left from last year's Christmas paper pack (SU!) and gave it a whirl!! :)

You can get directions for this HERE. Sorry this picture is not the best. I had to take it in the evening and just couldn't get a decent picture. If you click on it, you might get a better view (?)

The hardest part about making this star is cutting out the pattern with a craft knife. But the pattern itself is really simple and putting it together is amazingly simple--doesn't look it, does it?? It is--TRY IT!! :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Cutest Li'l Dust Bunnies!

Who says dust bunnies are ugly? Certainly not THESE dust bunnies, Lol
Decided to make a Surprise Pop-Up card {directions here} today. Using my Glitter Mat Stacks, this card front is incredibly SPARKLY!! (you can see better just how sparkly this is in the bottom photo--click it to enlarge.)
I stamped this Whipper Snapper Girl on watercolor paper with Black Stazon ink and colored with Classic inks and an Aqua Painter. The designer paper already had the glitter in it, so I used my Stardust Gellyroll pens to add some sparklies to the photo corners and Dazzling Diamonds to her wings. The inside saying is also by Whipper Snapper Designs :)


Just a little notecard for a friend. I used my glitter Mat Stacks, once again. I also used my Stardust Gellyroll pens, which you can see much better in the 2nd photo (with the flash.)

You can click it to see it larger.
(But then you see I went outside the lines with my markers--oops!)

I used the set called "Love Matters" from SU! with Lavendar Lace and Barely Banana.

Friday, November 16, 2007


I bought a couple pads of Mat Stacks at Freddy's the other day. This one is called The Pocket Full of Posies and has glitter in the flowers. I just LOVE these Mat Stacks. So easy to use with cards. I'm having a problem with my Aqua Painter--guess it's a little worn out and the bristles are fanned out too much which puts ink where I don't want it. I have another set on order.

The inside edge has a piece of Pink Passion c.s. that shows through the front and goes nicely with the bashful blue scallop. This card measures 6 1/4" x 4 1/2". Thanks Trina for all the wonderful images you sent!! Love the Bellas! :)

Go Red Sox!Well, tomorrow is the big Jacoby Ellsbury Parade here. He's from our little town, and my girls are sooo excited! They have their baseballs ready for him to sign, and I do too ;) He did awesome in this world series and we're very proud of him. GO JACOBY!!