Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Teacher's Survival Kit

I had this super cute idea in my head for an apple recipe box and it was going so well, until I put my ribbon on!! I had run it through my xyron dealy and so it's very sticky!! And I started in the front where I planned to put my "C" and ran it around the box and I got it all crooked. When I tried to pull it off, all the sticky stayed on the box, so I put the ribbon back on and worked with it. I tend to be a perfectionist so this is REALLY REALLY bugging me, 'but I don't want to waste the box...it was already decoupaged etc. SO...I'm trying to suck it up and be proud of it anyway (really hard to do!). The rest of it I'm very happy with. THose cute "covered buttons" are actually brads!! How cute are those??!! Also, the "C" layer has blue rhinestone brads in the corners, and the white is layered on brilliant blue and scalloped around the edges. The apples I had to cut out of another piece of c.s. because it had green and red, and my friend's kitchen is all red, white and blue. I put one big apple on each side of the box, and 3 on the back. Overall, it's pretty cute. I found this pack of ribbons for the top handle at my scrapbook store. The blue paper is actually royal blue with lighter blue speckles in it. :) I know I said I was done making these, but I thought of 2 more people I wanted to make them for. SO...hopefully the other one I'll get done later tonight and post tomorrow for you. Thanks for looking!!

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