Monday, December 04, 2006

Ah...Hot Coffee

This is a slider card for today's pocket slider challenge. My dad's 63rd birthday is in a couple days, so I made this challenge for his card, hence the masculine flavors!!

It's a pretty easy card to do, and fun because it's not the regular-open card layout. I'm always up for a technique challenge!! You cut your c.s. at 5 1/2" just like you would for a "normal" card. Turn your c.s. so the 8 1/2" side is horizontal and up against the edge of cutter and score it at 2 5/8" on both sides. Then you fold them towards the center and tape with mono-adhesive. Decorate the front as you wish. Then punch a hole (I used a regular-size hole punch) thru all 3 layers at the top. Cut a piece of coordinating ribbon (darn, I'm out of chocolate ribbon for this one!!) about 18" long. Run the ends of ribbon from the center out on both sides of card and pull the ends up so they are even. Cut inside card piece to 5x3". Put the card inside between ribbons and gentle push the card down so it's all the way inside. Then tie a knot at the top just above the top of card. Trim ends. You're done! Then you pull the ribbon, up comes the card! and when you push it back down, it pushes that extra ribbon down again. Neat card, however, I must say that when you pull the card up, be careful where you write becaue the ribbon runs vertically all the way down your card and will cover up anything in the middle. :( bummer. But, they can take the inside card out, or move the ribbon a little to see it. So...over all, I like it. Here's a picture of my inside card----------->

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