Saturday, November 25, 2006

Winnie Pooh Coloringbook Page

One of my first cakes after taking my class. We learned how to take a coloring book page and turn it into a cake image. What you do is lay a peice of waxed paper over your coloring page. Then, using the colored translucent icing (comes in a small tube) you outline the image onto the waxed paper. Then, you carefull flip it over onto your iced cake. Gently rub your fingers over the image until all of the outline is on your cake. Lift up waxed paper and wala! You have your image on the cake! Then, using thinned buttercream icing and a small writing tip (size 1-3) outline over the main outline you already did. Then using a star tip, fill in the image with whatever color you want! You could also fill in the image and then dip your finger in cornstarch and smooth out your filling for a smooth look. (I prefer the star tip because it covers most of your flaws where smooth-filled would show every imperfection!)

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AnneMarie said...

adorable! I wondered how to do this and now I know :)
thanks! I make 3d cakes for my kids... they tell me what ever the shape and away I run with my creativity... love it!