Monday, November 27, 2006

Tunnel Card

Today's Challenge was to make a "Tunnel Card". If my camera was working right, that would've been better to show you how it stands up and the inside would look right. Anyway, this is the outside here on the left.
My scanner makes these colors look really weird. Her shirt is actually Certainly Celery, and it looks yellowy here. The main card is Regal Rose, and the patterned paper is the "Rebecca" Series from Stampin' Up! The main image is from the set "Wanda's Wit and Wisdom" (also SU!) I doodled around the inside of the oval. The patterned paper is the very top layer, and the white stamped peice is under the brown.

It would be better to link the instructions to you from the tutorial on SCS rather than try to explain them myself. Here's the LINK.
And here is the inside---->
Personally, I don't think I care for this style of card, just because it's extremely bulky! And when you fold it, all the bulk is on one end and it won't close...maybe that's the soon as they take it out of the envelope, it opens up and stays open!? Anyway, it does stand up nice without falling over...if that's what you're going for :) Anyway...
FAMILY LIFE: So...I've just gotta blog about my day. Since I've been sick all weekend, and even though I DID go to work today, I wasn't really "all there" if you KWIM?! So, I had my husband drive the girls to Redmond to the was a new office, and they've been doing construction around there, so the roads have changed into 1-way streets since we were there last. He ended up trying to turn left on a 1-way and ran into someone!! Nobody got hurt, except our pocketbook :) Anyway, my hubby tried to ask the guy if he was okay and stuff and the guy just kept yelling and swearing, etc. etc. so after police left, he walked the girls to the dentist. With a few tweaks, the car was able to make it home (30 min.). THEN, he told me that my 8 yr old has to have 4 teeth pulled very soon. And to top it off, my 6 yr. old has a cavity and needs a silver filling! Oh, and we have a $500 deductible on our car, and after insurance pays for the girls, we will be left paying over $550 next month. Eeeks! *pulling my hair out*...ok...not really. I'm trying to be calm, and I know the Lord has always provided for us in the past, so we're praying He pulls through once again! Christmas may have to be tight this year. Boy, I hope and pray this week gets better really quick, LOL!!


Susan (susiestampalot) said...

She is too cute!! I have always wanted to try this type of card! I will have to remember to get the instructions off of your link! I wish I had the time right now to just play with my stamps, but I am in crunch time, needing to make 6 more lunch box tins and a name frame by 6 pm Friday night!!! eeek! My Xyron and I are becoming best buds!

AnneMarie said...

yikes! hate when construction changes everything!!! Glad noone got hurt!!!
tunnel card, huh? I saw this but don't know how to do it.. will have to find out how difficult it was... :)