Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tea Party

The picture didn't scan well. This was for a friend's little girl's birthday with the theme of Alice in Wonderland's "Mad-Hatter's Tea Party". We had it at the park and it was soo fun! I made a 2-layer round cake and iced it with buttercream frosting. Then I took a package of rolled fondant, split it up and colored it, then rolled out the peices. I cut out circles from the yellow tablecloth and inserted colored circles, so it was all flat, not added on top of each other.
The cups were a challenge. If I remember right, I rolled out circles and draped them over a small bowl upside down. When it hardened, I took it off and added the handles. The cupcakes were made using a mini-cupcake pan. I made the flowers out of the fondant, and sprinkled pink sprinkles into the cups. She LOVED the looks of this cake, although, not everyone was too crazy for the texture/taste of the fondant. It tastes okay, but it's stiff and not what they were used to. Can't say that I blame them, but it's a baker's technique that allows us to make out-of-the-ordinary cake decorations.

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LettyLian said...

Wow!! I just discovered your website from "stampingwhenIcan" and I love your cards. These cakes are sooo impressive!!!